About Our Boots

Artemis Boots are usually draped with black velvet suzanis, but can be dyed to blue gold or smokey grey. Named for the Persian word referring to embroidery, Suzani's are made of velvet, colorfully embroidered by skilled artisans. We convert these beautiful handmade textiles into boots and shoes. Our boots are fully lined with goatskin, with a full length zipper for easy wear.

Styles include Cuban, Italian, Gypsy, Cowboy, and Style 2010. Each style featuring various toe and heel designs.

These boots are very comfortable and durable. We recommend they be protected with a water repellent (like Scotchguard.)


Velvet material is free style machine embroidered and is quite durable as it was intended originally for use as a tablecloth or curtains and as a dowry item. No two are boots alike; even if they come from the same cloth, they are draped differently.


Leather boots now available! Also lined with goatskin, these beautiful boots are made of the finest and softest leathers available. Each boot is handmade and with decorated with fine cotton threads creating the most unique designs.


Please e-mail us at inquiries@artemisboots.com to inquire about size, style and we will e-mail you pictures of what is currently available in stock.